Soapbox Under Construction

I’ve named this blog after what was once Chicago’s best-known free speech center–Washington Square Park, popularly known as Bughouse Square. I work in the Newberry Library which is right across the street from the park.

The park is no longer a free speech center, just a nice place for affluent people to walk their dogs and for office workers to eat lunch during the summer. The occassional homeless person napping beneath the trees is quickly ushered out by the police.

In the coming days/weeks/months I plan to fill the blog with commentary on contemporary politics, history and the political/commercial uses of history, and thoughts on the state of American education. Along the way there will be a healthy dose of attention to the dynamics of the National Security State and the newly apparent imperialism of the U.S. government.

Your comments may or may not be welcome, but feel free to send them anyway.

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One Response to Soapbox Under Construction

  1. Feral Mom says:

    I hope this one is welcome…this blog is going to be awesome!

    Can’t wait to read more.

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