More Anti-left Monitoring

Via blogger Nathan Newman I found another site claiming to monitor the subversive and supposedly hidden connections between social justice foundations, individual donors, and activist organizations. claims to monitor “anti-consumer organizations.” It identifies itself as a project of the Center for Consumer Freedom, which is basically a lobbying organization for large food producers.

Both and the CCF are very slick, and obviously well-funded. They claim to represent grass-roots anger at the those nasty folks who would deprive freedom loving Americans of their hot dogs, hamburgers, beer, and fur coats. The CCF in particular is using rhetoric about the threat of neo-prohibitionism (by which they mean the likes of Mothers Against Drunk Driving). Needless to say, the fact that they are funded by an industry lobbying organization tends to cast doubt on their grass rootedness.

Do these folks and represent a response to the success of internet organizing by Howard Dean,, and other progressive organizations during the last election cycle?

More later on these sites. More also on tolerance, antiradicalism, public relations, academic freedom, and the murky nature of populist political rhetoric and action.

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One Response to More Anti-left Monitoring

  1. Church Secretary says:

    Wonderful post, Mr. Higbie. It is becoming obvious to me that the U.S., for all it’s market-based social permissiveness, is in no way, shape, or form a ‘liberal’ democracy. The results of the last two presidential elections have me doubting the “democracy” part, too, but I digress.

    It seems that the notion of free speech– which is ostensibly central to our society– has become something of an oxymoron. Access to our nation’s public square is very expensive, and the right wing has infinite pockets. They are able to fund entire media conglomerates (i.e. Fox), and they are able to scrape the bottom of the barrel to find mouthpieces that they conveniently plant at every level of the media food chain (e.g. Horowitz, O’Reilly, and even Jeff Gannon).

    It is awfully difficult to combat this when the target audience has largely been pre-conditioned by the institutionalized ignorance of our educational systems.

    I’ll stop rambling now. It is late, and I have to work in the morning. Keep up the good work, though.

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