Commies of Lake Wobegon

I’m really enjoying the Discover the Network database of subversives thoughtfully produced by David Horowitz’s Center for the Study of Popular Culture.

The entry for NPR radio host Garrison Keillor is particularly amusing. It’s Keillor’s folksy, old-fashtioned platitudes that seem to most bother the DiscovertheNetwork cadre (I have at least this one thing in common with them). But it’s not the drippy sentimentality of Prairie Home Companion they hate, it’s the fact that this drippy sentimentality is used in the service of the Democratic party! They give so many great quotes from Keillor’s book Homegrown Democrat that I want to rush out and buy it. They can’t handle anyone who challenges the central pillar of current Republicans party rhetoric, that is to say the idea that Republicans are regular folk and Democrats are elitists who live on the coasts.

Are there any liberal, pro-choice Republicans on this site? Or ex-Republicans like Jim Jeffords? I haven’t found any yet.

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