Back Online–and a disclaimer

Bughouse Square is back after a two week hiatus. Basically, I had too much paying work to do, and too much tending to our freely-screeching babies. So the blog fell by the wayside.

In the interim, I’m happy to see that a few people have found me and kindly posted comments. Hello to the Church Secretary at the Church of the Bad News and Jeff at The Dude Minds. Anyone reading this should check out their blogs as well as the ever-popular Gone Feral. And hello to Theresa F. out there in blogville. What a blast from the past! Hope you are well.

Yesterday I read a disturbing article in the NY Times, “Nonprofit Groups Question Motive for Federal Actions,” which describes allegations that the IRS is harrassing non-profit groups like the NAACP that have been critical of the Bush administration (the IRS denies it). Since I work for a non-profit organization (albiet not an advocacy group), and because a few years ago we were the target of attack by the pro-gun-totin’ lobby (it’s a long story), I really ought to issue the following disclaimer, which has not been approved by anyone’s lawyers:

The opinions expressed on Bughouse Square are those of the author and the commenters, and are in no way connected to the Newberry Library, its officers, trustees, or its funders. Links to the Newberry Library and Newberry projects are soley for the interest of readers and do not suggest or indicate that the Library knows about this blog, or heavan forbid, approves of my blogging activities.

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