Labor Radio

The Church Secretary’s comment about the lack of pro-labor voices in the mass media reminded me that there is an interesting experiment in labor radio available online. Check out the LabourStart labor news website (with the tag line, “Where trade unionists start their day on the net”). They have worldwide and multilingual news, and a link to Radio LabourStart.

Radio LabourStart has a mix of music, news and commentary. At the moment I’m listening to the “Summer Reading” program from the Kansas City Heartland Labor Forum. They’re interviewing historian Leon Fink, author of The Maya of Morgantown. Before that there was an AFL-CIO screed against CAFTA. Next is an interview with LaborNotes editor Jane Slaughter talking about the new Troublemakers Handbook. Good stuff!

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2 Responses to Labor Radio

  1. Church Secretary says:

    This is good stuff. Thanks, Tobias.

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