A new labor federation. Good luck to ’em

The Change to Win unions are meeting today in what is billed as the founding convention of a new union federation. There’s a rousing speech on their web site. I know there are lots of doubts about this. But for today we’ll wish them well.

There are reports and good commentary from the St. Louis meeting from Eric Lee and Jonathan Tasini.

In related news, the California Nurses Association (an independent union) actually voted to join the AFL-CIO. Why not join Change to Win? As quoted in the San Francisco Chronicle, CNA says “Change to Win will be very short-lived, and they’re going to rejoin in short order. We want to join the house of labor.”

Meanwhile the feuding cools off: SEIU and AFSCME have signed a two-year no-raid agreement. Now that is good news.

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3 Responses to A new labor federation. Good luck to ’em

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  2. Scarlett says:

    I like your blog and its nice to read another blogger whose interested in politics and current events. Best wishes!

  3. Toby Higbie says:

    Thanks, Scarlett! Yeah, another reader. That makes four.

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