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Solidarity Charters Gain Solid Footing

From the Workers Indepenent News: AFL-CIO and Change to Win find solidarity in grassrootsThe AFL-CIO says an agreement in principle with the Change to Win Federation will keep the state and local labor movements united.Read the complete story: reading

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From Bargaining to Warfare … to Nobel Prize?

I thought this post from History News Network was worth pointing out to my massive readership: Nobel laureate Thomas Schelling’s little-known role in the Vietnam War. Thomas C. Schelling won the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences this week. Today’s … Continue reading

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Where Have All the Per Caps Gone?

Gone to contests, everyone… SEIU is sponsoring a contest called “Since Sliced Bread.” They’re putting up $200,000 in prize money for the best idea for improving the lives of ordinary Americans. The author of the best idea, as determined by … Continue reading

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