Heads Up, Chicago … and other political news

Here’s a surprise for all of my Chicago readers (i.e., Jeff and the Church Secretary). A column in the Sun-Times informs that SEIU, the Laborers, and the CFL are preparing a political assault on the Chicago City Council. Mayor Daley may even be in the crosshairs. The reasons? Well, you live it so I don’t have to go into details. How long were the Firefighters working without a contract? But, hey, this could be a lot of fun. When was the last time Chicago city politics was truly contested?

In other good news, the California special election has turned out to be a victory for the labor movement. Schism, apparently, has not doomed us. At least not so far.

And another thing: there was a recent poll claiming that a majority of Americans favored impeaching the Prez if he lied about going into Iraq. Can’t find the link, but it was done by some reputable agency, Zogby I think.

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3 Responses to Heads Up, Chicago … and other political news

  1. Anny says:

    Great post Tobias I’m working with the writer of this course for organize information and Heads Up, Chicago … and other political news has helped so thanks. Anny

  2. Church Secretary says:

    I second Anny’s motion, Tobias. Thanks for the info. I don’t read the local papers very often (or watch the TV news, for that matter), so I’m usually quite late on these types of stories. Anyway, it remains to be seen if any sort of anti-machine push makes it very far in this politically benighted metropolis.

    In my humble opinion, if the political solution involves Jesse Jackson, Jr., then any movement will likely move laterally, at best. What’s the old wisdom about preachers’ kids?

  3. Toby Higbie says:

    I think preachers’ kids are supposed to be major troublemakers! Anyway, Daley has a pretty tight grip on things, so it’s going to be a tough row to hoe.

    Congrats on your beutiful baby! I’m not surprised you can’t keep up with local politics. 18 months later I’m still recovering. But we had 2, so you can expect a quicker return to sanity, I hope.

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