Mexican Election Watch

For those of you waiting for information on the “too close to call” Mexican presidential election, as of Monday morning 10:10 AM the count is 36.4% for PAN and 35.41% for the PRD coalition. With 96.71% of the vote counted Lopez Obrador is still a down 377,893 votes. Calderon’s lead has been declining little-by-little overnight. This will probably come down to 1) the location of the 3% uncounted precincts, and 2) whether or not evidence surfaces (and sticks) of foul play.

You can check the updated stats yourself on the site of the Instituto Federal Electoral. The other news source I’m watching is La Jornada’s election coverage page. Of the U.S. papers, the Washington Post and the LA Times seem to have the more up-to-date information.

Greg Palast has an interesting post reporting on some Bush-style electioneering on the part of the PAN.

Apparently the IFE has stopped the preliminary count (Calderon still leading by 1%) and will begin a hand count Wednesday. Lopez Obrador, after first looking like he would accept defeat, is apparently bowing to grass-roots pressure to put up a legal challenge–this according to the SF Chronicle. The Washington Post has a good collection of “expert” posts followed by lots and lots of reader comments in their “Post Global” section. So far it seems like the readers are teaching the experts a lesson or two.

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