US-based progressives and labor activists have good reason to watch events in Mexico. It is not simply that things have heated up in recent days with the beating of PRD lawmakers by federal riot police, but more generally because these protests are part of a transnational mobilization of Mexican people seeking democratic change. Millions of those Mexicans are living in the US, and there seems to be some transnational sharing of experiences and personnel at the grass roots.

This photo is from the Mexican news site Oaxaca Politico. My friend and former coworker, who is now living in Oaxaca, suggested I read it for good coverage of local events.

Check out the message on the t-shirt of the man on the left…

A Day without Immigrants
International Workers Day
Sacramento, California, 1 May 2006
No to HR 4437

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2 Responses to Transnational

  1. Jeff says:

    If you haven’t already, check out the movie A Day Without a Mexican.

  2. Toby Higbie says:

    The reviews are so-so, but as a cultural document it looks rich. Thanks, Jeff.

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