The Devil vs. the Axis of Evil

Well the radio was all a twitter this afternoon with news of Hugo Chavez’s talk to the UN General Assembly. Apparently that crazy guy called George W. Bush “the devil,” and said that the rostrum still smelled like sulfer from the day before. NPR interviewed some expert who informed us how terrible it was for Chavez to transgress the diplomatic norms.

I guess it is pretty much over the top to invoke the devil. And it’s fascinating that Chavez, like Bush and all American politicians, ends his speech with a “God bless.”

But I seem to recall Bush himself saying something about a little “Axis of Evil,” and then there was Reagan calling the USSR the “Evil Empire.” So if Bush is a bold statesman for identifying the “Axis” but Chavez is crazy for the same thing, I guess Chavez (and Chomsky) is right about American hegemony? Maybe?

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