Oaxaca Takeover Begins

Developing news and on the ground reports coming in from NarcoNewsBulletin, and El Universal reports the PFP (federal police) entering the zocalo with few if any people present around 3:30 PM. The PFP is using watercannon to dispurse the crowds defending barricades, according to LaJornada.

There are great images, like this one from El Universal, showing what is going on as the PFP moves forward. It may be the presence of journalists that will restrain the troops from coming down too hard on protesters. Up to now the dealths have been at the hands of undercover PRI operatives. Although the people watch carefully, they may also wonder if the troops will prevent more PRI vs. APPO violence. For now.

According to El Universal, n the zocolo, 3:43 local time, a contingent of PFP arrived in trucks near the zocalo. The got off the trucks, and moved toward the square. Apparently, APPO members then used the trucks to block the streets–behind the troops, I assume. Hundreds of peopld form lines and chant as the troops move forward. (Alernatively, from NarcoNews, Nancy Davies reports from the zocolo that about 200 women are in the square, “some carrying long poles with white flags… The roads are blocked coming in, but people seen ready.”
Update. The photo I chose, sadly, was too hopeful. The news over the last few hours includes many more of open confrontations between police and protesters. Two protesters reported dead; the police have cut APPO’s last radio station off the air, and as of 8PM APPO abandoned the zocalo and the PFP took up positions there. NarcoNews passes on reports of police raiding the homes of APPO leaders.

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  1. Tim says:

    Good work staying on top of this. Just today I saw a first Chicago Tribune story on Oaxaca. Crazy. – TL

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