Showdown in Oaxaca: Feds Enter City

After a weekend of violence in which undercover police and municipal officials shot and killed several APPO supporters and an American Indymedia journalist, a new turn of events is taking place in Oaxaca. Yesterday, federal police flew to the southern city and the government issued an ultimatum to APPO to clear the barricades. Newspapers showed pictures of hundreds of police loading out of a plane, carrying riot gear. See Nancy Davies on the spot reporting in NarcoNews Bulletin for details on Friday’s killings.

Naturally, APPO rejected the ultimatum, and this morning (7:30AM Mexico City time) according to El Universal, the Federal Preventive Police are moving into the city center on buses. APPO is calling all its supporters to the streets, and asking them to nonviolently resist the federal police. El Universal reports that some APPO supporters are waving white flags.

Meanwhile, teachers are tentatively expected to return to work on Monday. But if something crazy goes down today that might not happen.

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