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Two Years Blogging at Bughouse Square

Today is the second anniversary of this blog, and so time to reflect: Why do I write this blog? I started Bughouse Square (originally a week after the close of an exhibition I co-curated with Peter Alter at the … Continue reading

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Great Spoken Word Audio

Via the AFL-CIO blog I found Writing from a Kindred Voice: The Workers Writing Project, and I highly recommend the audio section. In particular, check out the two by ex-steelworker Jeff Maines. “Appalachian Apologia” is about an older worker–a “hillbilly”–at … Continue reading

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Sometimes They Tell the Truth on TV . . .

ZBIGNIEW BRZEZINSKI: The fact is, the American effort in Iraq is essentially a colonial effort. We’re waging a colonial war. We live in the post-colonial era. This war cannot be won because it is simply out of sync with historical … Continue reading

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