Sometimes They Tell the Truth on TV . . .

ZBIGNIEW BRZEZINSKI: The fact is, the American effort in Iraq is essentially a colonial effort. We’re waging a colonial war. We live in the post-colonial era. This war cannot be won because it is simply out of sync with historical times.

That was tonight on the PBS News Hour

He also predicted a future Bush administration motto, “cut and blame” as the Iraq government fails to meet benchmarks for progress.

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One Response to Sometimes They Tell the Truth on TV . . .

  1. Tim says:

    It’s been obvious from the beginning that the current administration is attempting to create more ‘liberty’ or ‘democracy’ colonies, painted of course in their own Wilsonian terms – terms mistaken by the administration to be universal. How many successful ‘liberty colonies’ have their been? Japan? West Germany? Look how much bloodshed and money it took to get those. And now Japan is having rumbles of returning to conservative militarism! – TL

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