Happy May Day

Today is May Day, a.k.a. International Workers Day. In the last few years labor unions and immigrant rights activists have revived this fine tradition in the U.S. I’m indoors tending to a sick family, but here are a few things I’m missing:

The International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU) staged a one day strike against the Iraq War.

Immigrant rights activists marched in Los Angeles, Chicago, and other cities. Maria Elena Durazo of the LA County AFL-CIO issued this statement.

Speaking at a conference on global unions, Rich Trumka had this comment about the current electoral struggle:

The progressive movement must directly challenge the policies of the corporate agenda. However, challenging the corporate agenda requires more than throwing out Republicans and electing Democrats. Important players in both parties champion the corporate agenda, advanced most powerfully and consistently by Wall Street.

I’ll add more as I find them.

Update: Over 100 scholars and authors signed a letter to SEIU prez Andy Stern on May Day cautioning against a trusteeship for United Healthcare West saying, in part “We believe that there must always be room within organized labor for legitimate and principled dissent, if our movement is to survive and grow.” The entire letter is on UHW’s dissident blog. Just the latest twist in this saga.

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