By sharing our experiences, we see our problems more clearly


We come here with equal rights.

All of us have a right to take part in the discussion.

We are all workers, but we do not all do the same kind of work.

We come here every week to talk together.

We want to learn more about ourselves as workers and citizens.

How will it help me to come to this class?

By using the rights we have in the classroom, we learn to recognize our responsibilities.

If we claim only our rights to be heard, and fail to listen to our fellow-students, we are not learning.

By sharing our experiences, we see our problems more clearly.

By such thinking together we learn to act for the good of all of us.

Is this what democracy means to you? How can it be practiced in the classroom? In places where we work? In our union meetings? In our government?

This document is the preface to 6 lessons in English Lessons On History of Labor Movements, Works Progress Administration of South Carolina (c. 1938). Copy courtesy of the South Carolinian Library, University of South Carolina.

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