Send me over the top

With the quarter coming to an end, it’s time to refocus my activities toward research and writing, some of which I’ll be sharing here. But first, dear readers, I need your help on a statistics-related issue. Over at my site, I’m pushing 10,000 image views (9,825 to be exact).

Can I get over 10,000 by the end of the week? Yes we can! I just need you to go over and take a look around. And then come back here and tell me which pictures you like the best.

In the lead right now are:
Police Guard Haymarket Monument, 2004

Police guarding the Haymarket monument with 219 views

ADM Mill
The Decatur, Illinois, ADM plant with 161 views (there is a similar image with 139 views), and

pro-chief illiniwek bumper sticker
A crazy Chief Illiniwek bumper sticker with 144 views

In the historical document category, the current lead goes to
Jim Crow and FEPC Spectacles
A cartoon from a 1951 CIO pamphlet advocating a federal fair employment law.

So take a look around, one hundred and seventy-five times, at

Update: You did it, just barely.  Thanks!  Now back to your regularly unscheduled programming.

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One Response to Send me over the top

  1. Tim Lacy says:

    Well, I just looked at five images. The Haymarket series is probably the best. I’m ashamed to admit that I haven’t yet visited the memorial. – TL

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