A glimpse inside the Dill Pickle Club

Chicago Daily Tribune, March 31, 1919, p. 17.
Dill Pickle Lending Library


Parker H. Sercombe, “exponent of right living,” remembered for his run-in with the school board, returned to Chicago last night and appeared before 400 members of Dr Ben Reitman’s Dill Pickle club in Tucker alley.

He spoke on “The Renaissance of Virtue.”  Poverty and kindred miseries he laid at the door of the public school system.

But the real excitement came when he charged that “the Red Cross was just as glad to see the war end as the undertakers were to see the influenza epidemic close.”

A member of the audience objected and “Doctor” Sercombe warmed up.

“Yes, they were,” he said.  “They hated to see those good jobs go.”

The audience applauded and told the objector to sit down

The “Doctor” told the Dill Pickles that old maids die young.


Image credit:  Newberry Library.  Also, the schedule for the Bughouse Square Debates is up!

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