A different view of the Dill Pickle Club

From Federal Bureau of Investigation Case Files, Old German Files, #22752 (online access).
Dill Pickle Door
Report Made By:  P. P. Mindak
Chicago, ILL.
Sept. 8, 1919
In re: “Dill Pickle Club,” Anarchist Matter.


One S. G. Fleming, who rooms at 838 Cass St., called on Employe and stated that his landlady and her husband attended a meeting at the “Dill Pickle Club” on Sunday evening in the month of August, paying an admission fee of 25 cents; that at this meeting there were several white English speakers who spoke against the government in very violent terms, and that there was also one colored speaker who spoke against the government and of the intention of the colored people to arm themselves and assist in overthrowing the present system at the proper time.  The informant stated that he could not ascertain the names of the speakers, and suggested, in view of the violent nature of the remarks of the speakers, that the meetings at the “Dill Pickle Club” held on Thursday and Sunday evenings be covered by some representative of this office.

The “Dill Pickle Club,” it will be noted, is a club consisting of most of the ultra-rabid element of this city, with DR. BEN REITMAN, a well known anarchist at the head.  Arrangements will be made to cover some of these meetings for the purpose of ascertaining the names of the speakers.


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