On the road again.

The Martyrs and the LexusI’m in my old stomping grounds this weekend.  Ah Chicago.  Nothing like it. Many interesting conversations about the election.  And labor history.  At dinner someone asks, if you had to bet $5K on the election who do you think would win.  They don’t agree with my answer.  Later, comrade Tom M. says B.O. is a “reactionary.” Can’t be convinced otherwise.  Next day J.B. says B.O. will win based on “inside info,” and adds, “the war is over, no more money after the bailout.”  All two readers know where I stand, but I’m won’t say for fear of jinxing it.

I will point you to something fascinating.  As I’ve said to many people this weekend and before: the word “organizing” and the phrase “bottom up” have entered the political discourse like never before.  There is something to that, something worth watching.  So I suggest this post, and especially this (you have to read the comments to see what’s happening).  Yes, it’s mundane:  data gathering.  Organizing.  Bottom up.  Small steps, sisters and brothers, small steps and then bigger steps. This is interesting.  Not the faux “democratic” choas of the average blog comment section, but organized response.  Let’s see where this goes.

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One Response to On the road again.

  1. Tim Lacy says:

    I wish I could get some of my right-leaning friends to concede that Obama’s not as “left” as they think he his. He’s a moderate—plain and simple. The only non-moderate in this election is McCain. – TL

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