Vote for Love: No on Prop. 8

Don't Like Gay Marriage? Don't Get One!Election day is finally upon us.  As I’ve promised my wife, I’m making no predictions.  Don’t want to jinx it. But I did do a little phone-banking over the weekend, and I’ll say that the energy and enthusiasm are high at the Obama field office.  I called folks in North Carolina.  My favorite comment was:  “We’re all Teamsters, so we’re behind Obama all the way.  You need to call my daughter’s house and talk to her husband.  He’s thinking of voting for McCain.”  So I did, but had to just leave a message.  Most of the people I talked to had already voted weeks ago. Kind of amazing to think of North Carolina, and Virginia going for Obama.  Georgia anyone?  North Dakota?  My friends in Winnipeg called last night to say they were going to drive down to ND to help Get Out the Vote.  Lots of anticipation.

Here in California, we’re reliably Democratic.  But we do have a nasty little proposition on the ballot.  Prop. 8 will amend the state constitution to limit marriage to heterosexual couples.  The pro-8 ad campaign, funded largely by Mormons at the specific direction of the Mormon Church, has a very nasty fear-mongering tone. The polls are close.

Back in May, I wrote this post about the California Supreme Court’s decision on same-sex marriage.  As I said then, I don’t think the state should be in the business of sanctioning our intimate relationships.  Best left to civil society.  But the Conservatives cannot have their cake and eat it too.  Either the state stays out of marriage all together, or we have equal access to the benefits of marriage.  As the LA Times wrote today in opposition to Prop. 8, nothing in the new law of marriage compels churches to perform or endorse same-sex marriage, and parents of school age children still have to sign permission slips to allow their children to receive comprehensive sex education. Those folks can go right on with their “traditions.”

Just like McCain and Palin, the “traditional marriage” supporters are trading in hate and fear.  It would be nice to put all of that behind us tomorrow, at least for a little while.  Cross your fingers, organize, and vote!

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