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May Day: Stakeholders vs. Shareholders

In 1885 the group of labor unions that would later become the American Federation of Labor boldly declared that as of May 1st 1886, eight hours would constitute a day’s labor. This was at a time when 12 and 14 … Continue reading

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End of an Era

About a month ago, the Fox News website (of all places) interviewed me for an article on historians’ assessments of Bush II’s legacy.  The reporter began with the well-worn idea that it takes a few decades to fully assess a … Continue reading

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When common sense becomes ideology

Wow, things are moving fast.  Bankruptcy, bailout, crash, crisis.  Hard to keep up. We’re back in the classroom and, among other things, I’m team teaching a large lecture class on “Work, Labor, and Social Justice in the U.S.”  My colleagues … Continue reading

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