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Document: The Specter of the Robot

H. Dubreuil, Robots or Men?  A French Workman’s Experience in American Industry, translated by Frances and Mason Merrill (New York: Harper & Brothers Publishers, 1930), pp. 182-184.  The author worked in several U.S. factories during 1927 and 1928, including the … Continue reading

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History in the Mix

We’ve all been watching and reading the denunciations, from the right and the left, of Wall Street and Obama’s alleged complicity in enriching the rich.  History has become something of a motif in these “debates.”  For instance, conservatives claim that … Continue reading

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Vindictive America Prepares to Push Itself Off the Ledge

People are pissed off, and for good reason.  The economy is in the tank.  And from the person-on-the-street perspective, the government’s only response has been to give unimaginable amounts of money to banks with little or no strings attached.  So … Continue reading

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When common sense becomes ideology

Wow, things are moving fast.  Bankruptcy, bailout, crash, crisis.  Hard to keep up. We’re back in the classroom and, among other things, I’m team teaching a large lecture class on “Work, Labor, and Social Justice in the U.S.”  My colleagues … Continue reading

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Bailout: “socialism for the rich” or something else?

The impending bailout of the financial sector has commentators on the right and left launching similar criticisms.  According to the LA Times, Republican Jim Bunning said “It is a financial socialism, and it’s un-American.”  William Greider, writing in the Nation … Continue reading

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On the “Bailout”

Extraordinary times.  Looks like the bailout is becoming a political issue in unpredicted ways: Dean Baker, suggests some progressive principles that ought to be written into any bailout package. Robert Reich’s advice for members of Congress:  you might not have … Continue reading

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