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Viva Obama: Organizer-in-Chief

I’m at a loss for words.  So I’ll just post one of my favorite campaign songs and get back to work.

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Vote for Love: No on Prop. 8

Election day is finally upon us.  As I’ve promised my wife, I’m making no predictions.  Don’t want to jinx it. But I did do a little phone-banking over the weekend, and I’ll say that the energy and enthusiasm are high … Continue reading

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Bailout: “socialism for the rich” or something else?

The impending bailout of the financial sector has commentators on the right and left launching similar criticisms.  According to the LA Times, Republican Jim Bunning said “It is a financial socialism, and it’s un-American.”  William Greider, writing in the Nation … Continue reading

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On the “Bailout”

Extraordinary times.  Looks like the bailout is becoming a political issue in unpredicted ways: Dean Baker, suggests some progressive principles that ought to be written into any bailout package. Robert Reich’s advice for members of Congress:  you might not have … Continue reading

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Labor Day Thoughts

Summer is officially over as Labor Day passes.  Since I’ve been off-line since late July, I wanted to post a few thoughts. First, I just read the news that Amy Goodman of Democracy Now! was arrested in St. Paul while … Continue reading

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The fundamental interest in liberty and personal autonomy

Finally catching up on the California Supreme Court decision on same-sex marriage (See reports in the SF Chronicle, LA Times and NY Times). I believe all but one of the court are Republican-appointed so their decision to overturn a voter … Continue reading

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