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The more things change…

As a parent of two Chicago Public Schools 4th graders, I’ve had a crash course this year in urban austerity.  Teachers are trying their best, but with 31 students per class, the school library effectively closed, and district mandated testing, … Continue reading

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Iconography: From a Rank-and-File Wobbly

Continuing with my series on the iconography and visual culture of workers’ education, I turn now to the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) monthly journal, Industrial Pioneer.  The journal was the successor to One Big Union Monthly, and was … Continue reading

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Soapboxing on Madison Street, July 1922

Nels Anderson, DOCUMENT 60:  Notes on an Afternoon’s Series of Talks on the Soap Box on Madison Street During a Sunday in July, 1922, no less than twenty men spoke on the box at the corner of Jefferson and Madison … Continue reading

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Flowing black ties and wavy hair to match

This post begins a series of documents on Chicago open forums in honor of the annual Bughouse Square Debates. Chicago Daily Tribune, November 12, 1916, p. 4 “REDS” RECALL HANGING WITH SOCIAL EVENT Meeting at East End Hall Attended by … Continue reading

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