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Did they really read Marx?

Over the weekend I attended an excellent new book panel on Jonathan Sperber’s Karl Marx: a 19th Century Life organized by the Labor History Seminar at the Newberry Library here in Chicago.  The general thrust of Sperber’s book is to … Continue reading

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Back to Bughouse Square

After years of neglect, I do believe this blog is going to see a bit more action in the coming year.  I’ll be relocating to my old stomping grounds around Washington Square Park in Chicago, and I couldn’t be happier.  … Continue reading

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Sex, Captions, and Digital History

Exhibit-making does not rate as highly as article- and book-writing in orthodox academic history.  That’s an unfortunate fact of life.  But as I wrapped up a long overdue online exhibit project this past summer, I was reminded of the things … Continue reading

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Newberry slides @ Global Heartland

Posted some charts and slides from my November 17th talk at the Newberry Library at Global Heartland.

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When Corporate PR Meets Social History

File this under “while you were on summer vacation.”  The Newberry Library released a fascinating photo collection under the deceptively plain title “Daily Life Along the Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad.” It is a selection of some 3,000 black and … Continue reading

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Free Speech in Chicago: July 26, 2008

Over at my old stomping grounds, the Newberry Library will be hosting its annual Bughouse Square Debates on July 26, 2008. If you’re in Chicago you should plan to be there. Each year the library closes off Walton Street and … Continue reading

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