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UCLA Rally

About 300 students, faculty and staff gathered on the UCLA campus Wednesday, November 9th for a rally and march sponsored by the anti-austerity groups ReFund California and Make Banks Pay. The noontime rally on Bruin Plaza featured speakers the academic … Continue reading

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The Demand for Demands Misses the Point

Now that the Occupy Wall Street phenomenon has achieved a level of respect from the mainstream media (by which I mean it’s no longer an object of knee-jerk ridicule), all the smart people are demanding that it shape up, identify … Continue reading

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Traction, Torque, Leverage: #OWS Mission Accomplished

Political and economic systems have a lot of inertia.  Once they are up and running, once people come to see them as “normal” they move along with apparent stability, even when in retrospect we see that they were in crisis.  … Continue reading

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Labor Day Thoughts

Summer is officially over as Labor Day passes.  Since I’ve been off-line since late July, I wanted to post a few thoughts. First, I just read the news that Amy Goodman of Democracy Now! was arrested in St. Paul while … Continue reading

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They won’t comprehend it unless you put them into motion

A. Philip Randolph, September 1942 One of the basic principles of education is–you learn by doing. When you get the people in action in the interest of an objective that is fundamentally, and socially sound, those people learn to fight … Continue reading

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