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Labor’s Many Robots

As I work through my book manuscript, I am coming across a rich crop of new robot images to supplement my earlier article Why Do Robots Rebel?  As it happens, the journal Labor Age was a frequent publisher and re-publisher … Continue reading

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The more things change…

As a parent of two Chicago Public Schools 4th graders, I’ve had a crash course this year in urban austerity.  Teachers are trying their best, but with 31 students per class, the school library effectively closed, and district mandated testing, … Continue reading

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Workers promoted to “supervising robots”

I ran across this piece on a new manufacturing robot branded as Baxter.  With it’s tablet screen face, the robot comes off as “benign, perhaps even disarmingly friendly,” according to the New York Times article, which doesn’t stray too far … Continue reading

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Robots! Images from my SSHA Paper

Great to be back in Chicago for the Social Science History Association conference.  I was scheduled to give a paper on the “Iconography of the Workers Education Movement.”  But, alas, time got away from me so I presented a modified … Continue reading

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Document: The Specter of the Robot

H. Dubreuil, Robots or Men?  A French Workman’s Experience in American Industry, translated by Frances and Mason Merrill (New York: Harper & Brothers Publishers, 1930), pp. 182-184.  The author worked in several U.S. factories during 1927 and 1928, including the … Continue reading

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